Sunday, February 01, 2009

HUD explanation in poker software.

I've seen a few people talk about a "HUD" and I've seen on some of the videos the display that appears besides the players name showing specific player stats. So with that said here's a few questions:

1) I'm assuming HUD stands for "Head's Up Display".. Correct? What program provides the HUD?

2) Is said program free? And where can I get it?

3) Where can I go to learn what the stats mean? I know the jist of a a few, but would need to learn how to interpret and incorporate into my game.

4) Is it worth it at the microstakes?

5) Which pokersites is it compatible with? UB, FT, PS?

That's all I have for now, but I might come up with a few more. Thanks for the help.

The most common HuD is PokerAce HuD, this works in conjunction with PokerTracker(an amazing tool that keeps tracks of all your hands and lets you discover leaks etc)

PokerTracker is $55
Poker Ace HuD is $25

Pretty sure both of em have a free limited trial. HuD is 30days and only shows one table.

Both are compatible with most sites. Depends on the stakes and how serious you are about winning and learning to be better. Sometime think HuDs turn you into more of a robot and ruin reads on players, but truthfully at lower stakes you do want to play more tables. Higher stakes you will play less tables(usually) and get more reads etc.

PokerTracker is amazing tho and if you have the money and want to improve your game I would say start there, and then use the trial of poker aces HuD and see if you like that.

I use Poker Tracker currently, and will be buying pokeraces when I move up a bit and withdraw a little for it.

I figured that it was in conjuction with PokerTracker. And I currently have the freetrial right now. I believe it lets me import 1000 hands or something like that. I haven't really tinkered with it yet, but I will soon.

Anything on where I can go to read up on the terms used for the statistics? Such as VPIP, AF, or some other things I've seen?

EDIT: Oh and not just what each term means, but how to interpret it and use it to make better plays.

RealTime HUD is another free one, it makes its own database from the hand histories so you don't need PokerTracker. As of december it isn't being developed anymore, since the author has joined forces with HoldemManager to make the HUD part of HM. The program isn't finished yet so you can download a free beta version.

If I were you I'd go with one of those for the time being. In a few months there's going to be at least three new poker managing apps out (HM, PokerTracker 3, and one from the guy behind PokerEV), so might as well use a free one until then.

theres one called tournament indicator for SnG/MTT players... free 48 hr trial, but you have to deposit at one of their affiliated sites to unlock it, looks pretty good so far. Costs 8.95 in addition to making a deposit at a poker site ( all the big ones are included) AND play 900 hands at the site before it gets unlocked. Kind of a pain, but may be worth it.


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